Cuadrilla predicts no fracking in 2020 and looks to conventional prospects

statement from Cuadrilla’s Australian owners, A J Lucas Group Limited today, said:

“The business is actively engaged with other UK shale gas operators and the relevant authorities to provide them with sufficient confidence to allow the return of shale exploration activities under sensible parameters.

“Cuadrilla estimates a return to operations will not take place this calendar year.

“Cuadrilla is also reviewing opportunities within its extensive UK onshore licence acreage for ‘conventional’ oil and gas prospects that would not require hydraulic fracturing to appraise and produce.”




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US oil prices plunged to their lowest level in more than two decades on Monday as the outlook for America’s shale industry worsened amid sharply lower demand during the coronavirus pandemic. With planes grounded, businesses closed and billions of people under lockdown conditions at home, demand for oil has dropped more precipitously than ever before.

West Texas Intermediate, the key US benchmark, dropped 41 per cent to as low as $10.77 (£8.50) amid fears that America’s oil storage capacity will fill up within weeks, forcing production to stop. Turning off production can be costly for oil producers, meaning they have kept pumping out crude, while refiners who split it into petrol and diesel, as well as the commodity’s other constituent parts, have cut back on activity.

As a result, storage capacity has filled up rapidly, particularly in the US where much of the industry is far from the sea and therefore reliant on pipelines and storage facilities. Some of the price decline has been passed on to drivers with petrol prices in the UK dipping to 11p a litre over the past month, but the AA said retailers had been slow to deliver the benefits.

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Barclays proposes ‘net zero’ climate change plan

This headline-baiting net zero proposal, which lacks any targets or detail, comes as Barclays issued an updated energy policy, demonstrating that it will continue to finance climate-wrecking tar sands and fracking,” said Greenpeace UK’s climate finance adviser, Charlie Kronick.

He added: “The whole thing stinks of hypocrisy. It’s nothing but an attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of shareholders who rightly want the bank to end its contribution to catastrophic climate breakdown.”




Government is reimbursing Lancashire Constabulary £1.28 million towards the cost of policing the Preston New Road fracking site. Last year Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Clive Grunshaw, made a Special Grant application to cover £1.5 million of costs in relation to Operation Manilla. The claim was reviewed and officials decided to award £1.28 million on the basis that the remaining costs (£220k) are met by Lancashire Constabulary.



Planners oppose oil test plans at Balcombe

Proposals to test the Balcombe oil well in West Sussex would compromise the protected landscape of the High Weald, council planners said today.

In a report opposing an application by Angus Energy, the planners recommended permission be refused.

They said the proposal for three years of testing would “establish a continued presence of industry which is not appropriate to the area”.