Hidden report reveals ministers exaggerated UK fracking boom

A hidden report for Britain’s most senior ministers has revealed that the promise of a UK shale gas boom has been dramatically exaggerated by government and fracking companies.

Government has known for almost two years that the number of wells likely to flow shale gas from fractures deep beneath the earth will be just a fraction of the 4,000 wells quoted publicly by ministers in support of the divisive industry. 

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Carillion links put fracking firm’s scheme in doubt

A controversial plan to start fracking for shale gas in rural North Yorkshire has been thrown into doubt amid mounting concerns over the finances and management of the company behind the scheme.

In a move that has encouraged anti-fracking protestors, energy secretary Greg Clark has ordered the start of drilling at Kirby Misperton to be put on hold pending an investigation into the “financial resilience” of Third Energy.

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Fracking is linked to breast cancer: Chemicals used in high-pressure oil and gas extraction cause uncontrolled cell division.


  • Previous research reveals cancer is caused by uncontrolled cell division
  • This occurs when mice are exposed to chemical levels of those in fracking areas
  • Fracking involves drilling into the earth before inserting a high-pressure mixture
  • Although this releases gas and oil, chemicals can contaminate local water 
  • One in eight women in the US and UK develop breast cancer at some point
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Fracking is one of the least sustainable ways to produce electricity

Shale gas ranks among the least sustainable sources of electricity, according to research from a team of Manchester scientists.

Despite being banned by the Scottish government, fracking projects are currently being rolled out in other parts of the UK.   

To determine the potential of shale gas extraction in the UK, the Government has stated it is “encouraging safe and environmentally sound exploration”.


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Drilling diary – February 2018

50+ events in February about fracking and onshore oil and gas in the UK including:

  • Opening of Examination in Public of North Yorkshire Minerals and Waste Joint Plan;
  • Derbyshire County Council sets its view on INEOS shale plans for Marsh Lane;
  • INEOS, Fracking and You public meetings about INEOS plans in Yorkshire;
  • Divest Barclays 10,000 week;
  • Not for Shale  awareness march;
  • Latest government data on public attitudes to fracking.



Groundbreaking Study Confirms Link Between Fracking and Earthquakes

A groundbreaking study published Tuesday in Seismological Research Letters has demonstrated a link, for the first time, between hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) for oil and gas and earthquakes.

The reportHydraulic Fracturing and Seismicity in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, confirms the horizontal drilling technique (which in essence creates an underground mini-earthquake to open up fissures for oil and gas extraction) is responsible for earthquakes, above and beyond what is already canonized in the scientific literature.


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The Iron Fist In The Iron Glove?

Last week was a cause for some celebration as Cheshire and Rotherham Councils refused fracking applications whilst Greg Clark seemingly put up further barriers to Third Energy’s plans to begin fracking operations at Kirby Misperton. At the same time our own Lancashire County Council, supported by its planning officer, Fylde Borough Council, all the affected Parish Councils and both MP’s, announced that it is to recommend refusal of Cuadrilla’s latest traffic mitigation proposals at the re-opened Public Inquiry on 10th April. We wondered how Mrs. May and her party would react to these setbacks, surely, they couldn’t overturn every refusal as they spread across the country? The answer has not been long coming. This government has no intention of heeding the wishes of the people nor listening to the decisions of their elected representatives. Sajid Javid, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government (and he bears this title without a trace of irony or embarrassment), and his department’s Select Committee will seek ‘Submissions’ as to whether fracking applications should be treated as National Infrastructure under the 2008 Planning Act, thus being decided by him alone and by-passing the tiresome and unnecessary procedure of democracy.

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