Public support for fracking continues to fall.

Awareness of fracking has soared from 42 per cent of people in July 2012 to 72 per cent last month, the proportion of people claiming they support the technology has continued its downward trend, falling from 29 per cent last year to 24 per cent this. In contrast, the proportion saying they oppose or strongly oppose fracking rose year-on-year from 22 per cent to 26 per cent.

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Fracking and Insurance Claims The Future For The UK Insurance Industry

Although many in the UK Government support the continued development of fracking when it comes to drilling for shale gas, there is still much uncertainty as to how far the controls and requirements will extend when it comes to regulating the industry.

With the debate surrounding the issue becoming more intense in recent months, questions must be asked about the implications of fracking in the United Kingdom for insurers, especially given the controversial environmental impacts of the process?  How will underwriters manage the task of assessing risk, when many of the potential hazards to human health and property have not yet been identified or confirmed as being linked to the fracking process?


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Is there any future for fracking in Britain?

If any frackers still retain any doubt about the depth of the crisis into which they have plunged themselves, they should have turned up for a briefing on Tuesday on their latest scheme for finding ways of gaining public acceptance. For the chairman of a special task force they set up to “create a platform for reasoned discussion” of the controversial practice struggled to express any confidence that the industry would long survive in Britain.


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Planners agree more time for shale gas decisions

  News Release: Planners agree more time for shale gas decisions