Shock figures to reveal deadly toll of global air pollution

The World Health Organisation has issued a stark new warning about deadly levels of pollution in many of the world’s biggest cities, claiming poor air quality is killing millions and threatening to overwhelm health services across the globe.                                                Before the release next month of figures that will show air pollution has worsened since 2014 in hundreds of already blighted urban areas, the WHO says there is now a global “public health emergency” that will have untold financial implications for governments.

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Myth 12 – Fracking is commercially viable

Much has been written over the last few years about how fracking has revolutionised the US energy market and driven gas prices down for consumers. What is less well covered is the fact that fracking is based on a highly risky business model.

hamsterA combination of hyperbolic productivity decline rates and relatively insignificant recovery rates for each well mean that shale gas companies have to continually sink more capital into their businesses by drilling more and more wells to maintain cash flow. Some have likened this to a hamster wheel, others to Ponzi and pyramid schemes.


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Wind power could supply 97% of homes after record-breaking year

Wind power output hit record levels last year, generating enough energy to supply the electrical needs of 97% of Scottish homes.

Turbines provided 10,392,439 MWh of electricity to the national grid, enough on average to supply 2.34 million homes, up 16% compared to the previous year.

Analysis by WWF Scotland of data provided by WeatherEnergy found that in six out of 12 months, wind generated enough power to supply more than 100% of Scottish household needs.

With business and industry factored in, wind power generated the equivalent of 41% of Scotland’s entire electricity needs for the year.


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