Councillors attack plans to open up region for fracking tests

Councillors in Trafford have reacted with fury after it was announced huge swathes of the borough – and other giant plots in Greater Manchester – could be opened up to fracking.

Environmental campaigners have raised fears of a ‘reckless dash for gas’ after the Oil and Gas Authority – the UK’s oil and gas regulator – awarded energy giants huge contracts to explore for oil and gas.

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Quakes getting ever bigger – Canada

8th January 2016

From Gizmojo today – The largest quake caused by the fracking itself. You know that never happens as the industry keep telling us so. Well…..

Canada set a new world record for the largest earthquake ever triggered by fracking. Fantastic.

Progress Energy put a hold on their hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, operations in northern British Columbia after a magnitude 4.6 earthquake struck near their work site in August 2015. Recently a thorough investigation by the province’s energy commission confirmed the original suspicion. This is the new record-holder for the largest fracking-triggered earthquake.

After the earthquake, seismologists with Natural Resources Canada and GeoscienceBC partnered with the Oil and Gas Commission to gather and analyze all potentially relevant data. Alan Clay, communications manager for the commision, explained to Gizmodo that the key details they were looking for were: Continue reading Quakes getting ever bigger – Canada


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A new year is upon us, one which sees the areas of the country threatened by fracking growing and an increased drive by the government to undermine communities everywhere. Despite all this 2015 was a very bad year for the UK fracking industry. Rejected flagship planning applications in Lancashire, handfuls of drilling deadlines missed, and new anti-fracking community groups forming every week. Communities will need to get more creative to stay successful as the fracking landscape changes around them, but for an industry that just consumes investment cash, every delay is one step closer to bankruptcy.

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