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Damning Fracking Report Delivered to the Archbishop Of Canterbury

Our report proves that the MacKay-Stone report is riddled with false and out of date input data. The input data used in this report is clearly inconsistent with published, publicly available data. The inconsistencies should have been highlighted to Ministers by government advisors immediately upon publication.





Oil bosses have given £390,000 to Tories under Theresa May




Conservative Manifesto FoE reaction


18 May 2017

Conservative manifesto – Friends of the Earth reaction

Commenting on the content of the Conservative Party Manifesto launched today (18 May), Dave Timms, Friends of the Earth campaigner, said:

“The mantra of ‘take back control’ will ring hollow for communities who face having fracking forced down their throats and their rights stripped away.

“The lack of policies to deal with the dirty air crisis is astounding. Polluting car manufacturers will sleep easy knowing that they have been let off the hook, while children with asthma will continue to choke. This is a national disgrace which can’t be hidden behind planting a few trees.

“The Conservatives have comprehensively rejected the siren voices calling for the UK to walk away from its international and domestic commitments to tackle climate change. This sends a strong message to both Donald Trump and opponents of action in the UK. However, far too many of the policies to deliver on this welcome pledge are inadequate or absent.

“We welcome the commitment to leave the environment better than we found it, and fully transfer EU environmental protections to UK law, but we must ensure that these laws can’t be rewritten later without full parliamentary scrutiny.”



Read Friends of the Earth’s manifesto asks:
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Battered but steadfast: dispatch from Lancashire, England’s fracking frontline

The months-old protest at Preston New Road, Lancashire, is no longer just about fracking, writes Mat Hope. This dispute is now about London versus the North. It is about the government failing ‘the people’ from which it has become detached. It is about people sensing hopelessness and helplessness and trying to find a means to resist. And it is about holding on, steadfast, in spite of it all, knowing this is the forgotten frontline of a far greater struggle.