Latest cock-up at PNR

A meeting took place between the council and Cuadrilla last night and they were forced to admit at last that they have in fact hit an underground well and that is where the water is coming from.
The trench they have built round the edge to collect rain water is now overflowing and spilling in to the surrounding fields (that cows are grazing in) and we believe that they are mixing their own drilling mud on site as they have shipped in their own bentonite and we have seen drone photographs of tanks full of brownish fluids, so unless they are making their own teeth whitener down there we can only assume that they are mixing the mud right now….possibly mixing with well water and seeping in to the aquifer below and/or spilling out in to the fields.

Gold standard regulations? These fu#ke%s~couldn’t even dig a long drop toilet without causing a catastrophe,