A Message from Tina Louise Rothery

Devastating for those experiencing life in gasfields… UNFORGIVABLE if we ignore this stark and proven alert. Our government should be charged for the criminal act of enforcing this danger on the people of England. 

We can expect one or more possible outcomes” including damage to roads, railroads and dams, groundwater pollution, more earthquake activity and “potential threat to residents in surrounding communities.” 

With the advent of hydraulic fracturing, west Texas has experienced “unprecedented increases” in seismic activity in the last five to six years, as have Alberta and B.C. 

The study, published in Nature, also reported that the ground was sinking by two to 10 centimetres around active, abandoned and orphaned wells. Researchers also found that in some areas oil and gas activity had created sinkholes by introducing freshwater to salt formations which caused them to dissolve. 
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Police Chiefs concede on anti-fracking protest consultation

In an important win for anti-fracking campaigners, the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) has backed down and agreed to a public consultation on changes to its guidance on the policing of anti-fracking protests.

Netpol has monitored these protests since 2014 and in our most recent report, ‘Protecting the Planet is Not a Crime’, we documented numerous concerns about the way the police have responded to opposition to fracking at sites around England. Testimony from campaigners included evidence of police officers pushing people into hedges and even knocking them unconscious, violently dragging older people across the road and shoving others into speeding traffic.

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The push to frack the UK has reached a new intensity with 10 million acres made available to fracking companies. Not content with importing shale gas at great cost to U.S communities, Swiss-based petrochemical group Ineos now has the exclusive right to explore for hydrocarbons across 1 million acres of the East Midlands, Cheshire, Scotland & Yorkshire.

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