Yorkshire village faces petrochemical giant in anti-fracking fight

A petrochemical company owned by Britain’s richest man is attempting to overrule a Yorkshire council to drill a shale gas well next to a sheltered housing development. Councillors in Rotherham have twice refused planning permission for the well, citing concerns about highway safety and the lack of information on control of environmental impacts. Denying Ineos for the second time in September against the advice of their own planners, councillors said they worried about the proximity to Berne Square, which provides housing for people who are elderly or ill.







MP’s fracking support at odds with Green Pledge

Letter From: Dr Peter Williams, Malton.

IN April, the Government scrapped subsidies for the installation of domestic solar panels, causing new solar capacity to fall from 79MW in March to only 5MW last month. This puts at risk the target recommended by the Committee on Climate Change for the UK to create a net-zero carbon economy by 2050.

The cut was made despite last month’s declaration by Parliament of an environment and climate emergency.

Moreover, recent polling shows that three-quarters of adults in the UK see climate change as the biggest crisis facing humanity, with 68 per cent supporting the movement for a Green Deal.

It might appear that Ryedale’s MP Kevin Hollinrake is also on our side, as he has signed the Green Pledge, committed to “reducing greenhouse gas emissions”, promoting “ecological gains for the benefit of the public” and “investment in clean technologies”.

However, I think it’s high time he came off the fence, condemned the axing of solar subsidies, and explained to his constituents how he manages to square his Green Pledge with his active support for fracking.

Fracking chief rapped by opponents for calling for safety limits to be raised

“We are surprised to read that Mr Egan thinks that his industry is ‘being held back by a micro-seismic Traffic Light System, set with an upper limit of just 0.5 on the Richter scale, with no credible scientific basis’.

“This is a very strange claim to make given that he wrote to the then Energy Minister, when this Traffic Light System was devised seven years ago, claiming that Cuadrilla themselves had developed it ‘in conjunction with with industry experts and [his] team at DECC’.




Fracking Endgame: It’s Literally Us Or The Frackers

Persistently low prices have challenged the economic viability of the fracking industry’s continuous and steady expansion. So now, frackers are banking on polluting partnerships with three industrial players: the petrochemical and plastic industries that use natural gas liquids as feedstock for manufacturing; gas exporters building liquefied natural gas terminals to ship gas overseas; and the electric power industry, which is using fracked gas for unnecessary gas-fired power plants. These industries are throwing an economic lifeline to the fracking industry, and it’s all in service of creating new demand for what has been becoming a sinking investment.


Not ‘Freedom Gas’ But ‘Failure Gas'”
This new analysis paints a devastating picture of what our world will look like if fracking and fossil fuel infrastructure buildout aren’t halted soon.”
—Dr. Sandra Steingraber, biologist and activist