Objections to Aurora’s fracking plan at Altcar

Speaking at a campaign meeting on the Aurora Energy Resources’ application, MP Rosie Cooper told opponents:

“Who is going to look after your interests if it’s not you? It is really important that you are here. “Keep doing what you are doing.”


A plan to drill and frack near important wildlife sites in Sefton and West Lancashire should not be approved, the government’s nature conservation adviser has warned.

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Cuadrilla shareholders eye exit in blow to UK fracking



The future of fracking in Britain was thrown further into doubt last night after it emerged that Cuadrilla Resources shareholders were looking to exit the business.

Cuadrilla’s backers hired the Royal Bank of Canada several months ago to explore strategic options, Bloomberg reported.

Any moves towards a sale are likely to be complicated by the fact that fracking has been suspended pending the outcome of an Oil & Gas Authority investigation after Cuadrilla caused a 2.9 magnitude tremor in Lancashire last month.

Cuadrilla Resources is 48 per cent owned by AJ Lucas, an Australian company controlled by Kerogen, the private equity group. A further 45 per cent is owned by Riverstone Holdings, another private equity group, with the remainder held by Cuadrilla employees. Kerogen and Riverstone had hired RBC, Bloomberg said.

Cuadrilla believes there could be significant gas reserves beneath Lancashire. Extracting it involves fracking: pumping water, sand and chemicals into the ground at high pressure to fracture the rocks.


Kerogen declined to comment and Riverstone could not be reached.


Cuadrilla warned over three more permit breaches at fracking site

Cuadrilla has received an official warning over failing to monitor groundwater properly at its Preston New Road fracking site.

An investigation by the Environment Agency (EA) found that the company had breached three conditions of its environmental permit, including at a time when fracking was underway.

This is the third formal warning reported by the EA in just over a year at Preston New Road.

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Cuadrilla pledges to repair ‘any damage’ to homes caused by tremor

Cuadrilla has pledged to repair any damage that is assessed to have been caused by the tremor that hit its fracking site in Lancashire last week. 

A 2.9 magnitude tremor – the largest yet – was recorded at 8.30am on 26th August, following which operations were suspended at its Preston New Road (PNR) site near Blackpool.

In a statement over the weekend, Cuadrilla said it is in the process of visiting local people who have raised concerns about “minor damage” to their property.


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Fracking will see the UK miss net‑zero emissions targets

Ian Duncan, the UK’s minister for climate change (Letters, 31 August), vaunts our achievements and “ambitions to become one of the cleanest and most innovative energy systems in the world”.

How can he hope to realise his longer-term targets while pursuing fracking as a transitional fuel? Investment in the hugely expensive development of fracking denies proper support to cheaper renewables, and delaying the switch ties the operator and investor into the production of a fossil fuel until a return is achieved.

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Encouraging awareness of hydraulic fracturing in our communities