4 Wells Planned for Roseacre Wood & Little Plumpton

Four wells planned for each of Roseacre and Little Plumpton sites

Cuadrilla has announced that it intends to apply for planning permission to drill, hydraulically fracture and test the flow of gas from up to four exploration wells at each of the Roseacre Wood and Preston New Road sites. Following submission of its planning application, residents will also be able to make further comments during the statutory consultation period, which will be organised by Lancashire County Council (LCC). Please keep checking back to the RAFF site, as once the applications are received by LCC we will be providing advice on how best to object.

Cuadrilla also states that a works programme is also underway to restore the exploration sites at Anna’s Road and Preese Hall. Site restoration plans for these two sites were approved by Lancashire County Council at a planning committee earlier this year. Readers will remember that both of these wells failed – Preese Hall was damaged by induced seismicity caused by the drilling, and Anna’s Road because Cuadrilla messed up the process by getting a packer stuck down the well.

As part of Cuadrilla’s review of sites, the company will also be applying for planning permission to carry out seismic and pressure monitoring at its Grange Hill site. The company says that the well will not be hydraulically fractured.