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Here are the members of the                                                                       Roseacre Awareness Group Committee                                                      who you can contact:

Chair -Barbara Richardson (barbara.martin@talk21.com)
Vice Chair – Anne Broughton (broughton.anne@googlemail.com)
Treasurer- Roger Hurton (randb.hurton@btinternet.com)
Secretary  – Rosemary Conlon (rosemaryconlon1149@gmail.com) 
For all media Inquiries please, in the first instance, contact:
Barbara Richardson (barbara.martin@talk21.com)
Committee Members
Roy Harrison (roy.harrison9@btinternet.com)
Barry Warner (barrywarner50@aol.com)
Gillian Cookson (gilliancookson@aol.com)
Keith Hulme (keithfhulme@gmail.com)
Email: info@ragfrack.co.uk

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