Has Anybody Seen Our Goalposts?

It appears that the government is concerned. When Theresa May promised that she would listen to our concerns and allow local issues to be decided by local people, she didn’t mean that we could disagree with her. Theresa meant that we should all cheer from the rooftops saying what a wise, insightful and caring Prime Minister resided in Downing Street. It seems we’re not doing what we’re told and that we are allowing ourselves to be persuaded not by our honest, wise and altruistic politicians but by peripheral nonsense such as scientific fact and evidence.

Our politicians have therefore decided that for our own good they should probably take all decisions regarding fracking out of our hands and leave it to those with a vested interest in the industry who can be trusted not to care about our health, homes, children, environment and way of life. After all, if it’s left up to us, good chaps like those former Carillion directors might not get another high-paying job – they could even find that their bonuses are withheld.

If this sounds far-fetched, click on the button below. I suspect that the Maybot and Savage Javid would find Genghis Khan a trifle left wing for their tastes.

Planning Guidance For Fracking