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Grange Road Update

Lancashire County Council rejects planning application for Grange Road

As SAFE we wish to thank all those that have supported the fight against the Shale gas industry on the Fylde. These include all the groups, technical support from Mike Hill and the legal support of Friends of the Earth.
On Monday, SAFE along with Mike Hill made presentations relating to ecology , lack of an EIA and HRA, well integrity and abandonment and also the legal aspects of the matters raised in the application.
At yesterday’s planning committee meeting SAFE were supported by members of all the local groups who made short presentations to the councillors on the concerns of the extension to an application which was initially granted in 2010 for 18 months. These were well received by the councillors who picked up many of the issues concerning planning, ecology, noise, well integrity and abandonment including the potential impact of dealing with orphaned wells.
The planning regulations that were stated with regards refusal were SP2 of the Fylde plan, CS5 of the LMWDF and DM2 of the LMWLP.
We are delighted with the planning rejection which was achieved by the commitment and dedication of local people working together and supporting each other by sharing information and expertise, this has been key to the outcome. The excellent presentations given a few weeks ago from Roseacre and Little Plumpton to the planning committee contributed greatly to the refusal of our application.
We wish to thank all the councillors that had the courage to vote for refusal and a special thank you to the following for their contributions:
Bob Dennett  Gayzer Taryanji  John Powney  Trina Froud  Dianne Westgarth  Ruth Owen  Gordon Smith  Noreen Griffiths  Gail Hodson John Hodson  Laurence Rankin
We have yet to find out what actions Cuadrilla ‘perplexed and disappointed’ will take. SAFE will continue to support and fight alongside the other groups against the other applications and also the development of the On Shore Shale Gas Industry.

Chris and Karen

300 shaken by plans for new fracking tests close to village


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25 February 2015


How the Singleton site looked in 2011. Cuadrilla has applied for permission to carry out tests there
15:00Tuesday 24 February 2015
More than 300 objections have been lodged against plans to allow a fracking firm to carry out tests at a village site.
As revealed by The Gazette last week, energy company Cuadrilla has applied to Lancashire County Council to keep a compound and access track on the farmland south of Grange Road, Singleton, for a further three years to allow it to carry out pressure testing and seismic monitoring. Officers are recommending the council’s development control committee tomorrow approves the proposals, which have attracted 301 objections, including concerns the tests could spark tremors similar to those at the exploratory shale gas site at Preese Hall in 2011. Cuadrilla first received permission to drill an exploratory borehole and carry out hydraulic fracturing at the Singleton site in April 2010 to assess potential for gas. Continue reading 300 shaken by plans for new fracking tests close to village

Drill or Drop?

Government in regular contact with Lancashire County Council over Cuadrilla fracking applications

The government had regular contact over a period of five months with Lancashire County Council about Cuadrilla’s applications to frack in the Fylde, according to a parliamentary answer published this week.

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Why We Should Keep Lancashire Frack Free

Why We Should Keep Lancashire Frack Free

At the end of January Lancashire County Council will decide whether Cuadrilla can resume its controversial fracking operations for shale gas. Fracking was suspended across the UK back in 2011 after the company’s attempts to frack in Lancashire triggered several earthquakes.

A lot has changed in the four years since the attempts to frack Lancashire. The UK Government has gone “all out for shale”, with the Department for Energy and Climate Change making up to 60% of the UK potentially available for fracking. And George Osborne has shown that he is determined to see fracking happen under UK soil. He has set about creating a tax regime he’s described as “the most generous in the world” and is planning to offer local communities financial incentives to ’embrace’ fracking.

While the Government’s gone into fracking hype overdrive Friends of the Earth has found that much has also changed on the ground in areas threatened by fracking. In Lancashire the local community has rallied against the fracking proposals. Residents have formed groups like Frack Free Lancashire and Residents Action on Fylde Fracking. And we have worked with them to inform residents about the dangers fracking would bring to their community.

These groups have sprung up because they recognise that fracking is a risky technique that threatens water supplies and all that people love about their local environment. Fracking also produces climate-wrecking dirty fossil fuels when experts are telling us that we need to shift to clean energy. Despite the Government’s best attempts to convince people otherwise, fracking won’t help lower our energy bills or create nearly as many long term jobs as renewables.

Lancashire Council now has an opportunity to say ‘no’ to the dinosaur age of fossil fuels and embrace renewable energy, which offers genuine solutions to the UK’s energy crisis. The Council can turn its back on controversial fracking and kickstart a renewable energy revolution in Lancashire that would create sustainable jobs and tackle climate change – without the need to trespass beneath residents’ homes and businesses.

If the Council finds itself dazzled by Cuadrilla’s heavy lobbying efforts and the short term financial incentives being touted by the Government and grants permission, it risks causing long-lasting environmental, economic and social damage. Last month New York State imposed a ban on fracking – Lancashire should do similar.

Earlier this week Friends of the Earth released a new film giving an insight into what ordinary people in Lancashire really think about fracking. The film demonstrates the utter contempt that local residents and businesses hold for the idea of fracking in Lancashire.

These people are on the frontline and these planning decisions represent a significant moment in the battle to stop fracking across the UK. If the Council refuses the application it will raise serious doubts on whether any community in the UK would have to accept an extreme form of fossil fuel extraction on their doorsteps and under their property.

You can help to protect these despairing residents and stand up to the might of the fossil fuel industry and government by signing this petition. By standing beside these normal people whose lives have been thrown into turmoil by the fracking proposals you will be saying no to fracking and protecting Lancashire communities both present and future.

Green watchdog accused over ‘shocking’ investment portfolio that includes fracking

Environment Agency investing pension fund in industries it regulates is ‘clear conflict of interest’

The fund is investing in two companies financially intertwined with fracking giant Cuadrilla, the company that has been the subject of fierce protests in Lancashire and West Sussex. The first is Centrica, which is investing £60m in Cuadrilla’s Lancashire operations and the second is Riverstone Energy, which owns 44 per cent of Cuadrilla.


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Cuomo on fracking ban:



“I am not going to put the health at risk for jobs”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo today defended the state’s decision to ban hydraulic fracturing, saying the state can’t jeopardize the public’s health for the jobs the drilling could create.
He called the presentation at a cabinet meeting Wednesday by acting Health Commissioner Howard Zucker “powerful” as Zucker laid out the case against fracking and warned that he wouldn’t let his kids near fracking wells.
“When the public health commissioner says, ‘I wouldn’t let my family live in an area that is doing high-volume fracking,’ that is very sobering, and frankly, that is enough for me,” Cuomo told reporters today. “Because if the state health commissioner doesn’t want his kids living there, I don’t want my kids living there, and I don’t want any New Yorkers’ kids living there. “So that really took my breath away that comment, and I thought it was very powerful,”
He added that, “I am not going to put the health at risk for jobs. I’m not going to make that choice. I believe we can have jobs, and they can be in healthy communities, and we don’t have to run the risk of hurting our children or creating health hazards to create jobs. That’s a false choice.”
“I don’t want to choose between jobs and health, nobody wants to make that choice.”