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Do the UK’s fracking miniquakes matter?

There have been 34 tremors in the Blackpool area since Cuadrilla began fracking at nearby Preston New Road three weeks ago, according to data from the British Geological Survey.

All of these seismic events have been imperceptible on the surface.

This begs the question: do they even matter?

From the driller’s perspective, they absolutely do. Any tremor over 0.5ML [local magnitude] on the richter scale requires fracking to stop and testing and monitoring to commence.




Angus Energy

Angus Energy’s farcical operation at Balcombe.

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Red-level tremor stops fracking as total seismic events top 50

Cuadrilla has confirmed that it stopped fracking again today at its Preston New Road site following an earth tremor measuring 0.9ML (local magnitude).


The tremor, at 1.41pm, was classed as a red event under the regulations because it measured more than 0.5ML and happened during a fracking stage. The regulations require Cuadrilla to pause fracking for 18 hours and check the well integrity.