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Mayor of Liverpool Says No

Steve Rotheram, the Mayor of Liverpool, has joined Andy Burnham, the Mayor of Manchester, in banning fracking, saying:

“The UK Government needs to do a great deal more to live up to its responsibilities to avert the devastating impacts of climate change, which ironically pose a direct threat to our low-lying coastal areas where fracking companies want to operate.”

The full story can be read by clicking on this button:

No Fracking In Liverpool

A very interesting letter from Mike Hill

A letter from Mike Hill


“I am now on bottled water and intend to only use what comes out of the tap/faucet to get a bath or flush the toilet wash the car etc.I did my own analysis of the risk and I decided to take into account two key factors”:

1. Risk of contamination (by drilling mud and fracking waste) of shallow aquifer around PNR.

2. Risk of this contamination making its way to where UU presently extract our drinking water from. (Hydrogeology).

There are many other factors of course. Not least the flooding of the Pad and so the opportunity for the operator to open all BOVs where necessary and save a fortune in treatment costs. Might sound a bit paranoid but I’ve seen it done. That might explain rather odd colours and polluting of Carr Bridge Brook. Continue reading A very interesting letter from Mike Hill