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First red-level tremor at PNR

A 0.8 magnitude earth tremor was recorded today near Cuadrilla’s fracking site at Preston New Road on the edge of Blackpool. The event, at 12.30pm (bst), happened while fracking was taking place, the company has confirmed. It qualifies as the first red event near the site under the government’s traffic light system regulations for induced seismicity. It is also the largest seismic event near the site since fracking began on 15 October 2018.






Claire “I’ve never visited a shale gas site” Perry has now taken to handing out ‘Myth-Busting’ flyers to MP’s and correspondents. Surprisingly, for one who is so keen on exhorting us to “Follow the Science,” she ignores all the science and tells lies. Evidently science is a bit complex for her so to help her I’ve corrected all her mistakes. Incidentally Claire, when you preach in your condescending manner, telling us not to be so silly, renewables can never replace gas, why have you ignored the fact that Scottish Power has divested completely from fossil fuel and that 100% of it’s electricity is now generated by wind power?



NEW HORIZONS A talk by Marianne Birkby

How do United Utilities priorities our drinking water? Who gets the first guarantee of fresh clean drinking water? industry or us?

Monday 24th September, 7.30pm…. come along to New Horizons  St Albans Road St Anne’s  FY8 1XD and listen to the very knowledgable Marianne Birkby . Remember we live in the Bermuda Triangle of the Fylde….. Springfield nuclear site, Preston new road fracking site and gas storage under the River Wyre.



Every Wednesday Maple Farm to The PNR Site.


Around 10.30 depart Maple Farm, leisurely walk to the site.

15 Minutes Silence followed by singing and dancing. See below one example of the type of songs.


Ministerial Campaign

Dear Roseacre Awareness Group folk
I’m sure you’ll already be aware of the government’s recent announcement of their proposal to reclassify many aspects of the fracking process as permitted development – a category designed for minor home improvements. The proposal stands to give the green light to fracking companies all over the country. 
A campaign is building now to persuade ministers to drop the proposal. We think this is winnable but it will take all of us campaigning hard in our localities to head off the threat. A few groups have come together to kick start the campaign and support local groups like yours to carry the fight. The government is running a consultation on the proposal over the summer, for 3 months from mid July, and the plan is to get campaign activity going around the country to coincide with the start of that consultation with a launch week w/c 23rd July.
The fight will really be won though by local groups and individuals coming together to fight this proposal. The aim is to galvanise a broad movement across traditional political divides with two main aims:
  • Persuade key local elected representatives – MPs, councillors and council leaders – to speak out publicly on the issue, and to apply pressure privately to ministers to drop the proposal. 
  • Develop and sustain a high profile local public campaign to demonstrate overwhelming public opposition to this plan. 
Many people are outraged by the assault on local democracy that this proposal represents, as well as the fracking threat, and the campaign offers a great chance for groups to do outreach locally and bring new people into the campaign. 
I’m attaching a campaign briefing with this email that offers some more information about the campaign. Other resources to support individuals and groups will become available soon. It would be great to have a chat about what is or could happen in your area, and to keep in touch with how the campaign develops where you are. My number is 07914 762941 or of course you can contact me on this email. If you’re happy to share contact details please do as that will help us to keep in touch and connect you with others interested to get involved in your area.
There is a campaign webinar planned for Monday 16th July for anyone interested in the campaign to share inspiration and support, and I’ll send through details of this as soon as I have them. In the meantime, check out the campaign website which will also be home to campaign resources as they become available. If you would be able to include the campaign and website on the RAG website that would be great too – thanks!
Best wishes
Sebastian Kelly