Some Interesting Links                                                                                               Thanks to Energy Live News Ltd.


This is not just Sustainability this is M&S Sustainability

Invisible energy on the increase and it’s getting embedded

Building Sector must go zero carbon only 2500 buildings are rated as such in the world now

EU emissions on the rise transport and weather just some of the factors

The nitrogen bus which puts a freeze on emissions it’s ice cool!

The solar panel thin and lightweight and already to be rolled out

Got unwanted CO2 in the air? Convert it to fertiliser….

Trump pulls out of the Paris Agreement mais oui and what does the world think?

Bloomberg trumps Trump on US share of Paris Agreement

New York New York Clean Energy Clean Energy

World Environment Day sweeps the globe

Carbon Neutral Canary Islands that’s worth tweeting about

Tyred of rubber waste gidday for you mate

That’s it, just the usual items to finish your week:

Job of the Week from the team at McLean Ross is for a Senior Power Market Advisor.

Product of the Week is the IP65 LED non-corrosive light which is an ideal replacement for traditional twin fluorescent non-corrosive lights. Ideal for use in Factories, warehouses, carparks and other similar locations.

Workshop of the Week is how to handle ESOS with ISO50001 which will also sort your energy management process.

Service Station of the Week – the one and only National Space Centre in Leicester which did a marvellous job of hosting us for Energy Live Future.