Anti-fracking skill share

**Save the date! Anti-fracking skill share,                                                         Saturday 24th September, Manchester**


There have been some defining moments in the UK anti-fracking movement this year and some more big fights against fracking are on the horizon. What better time to have an event to provide space for groups to meet, share skills and collaborate with each other.


Strong local communities have kept the UK free of fracking for five years and we want to make sure it stays that way. As more and more communities start to mobilise around the country, we want everyone to benefit from what we as a movement have learned so far. So we’ll be putting together specialist support on a range of skills from responding to planning applications to media engagement skills, building knowledge and sharing success stories, alongside other useful training sessions, to skill up fracktivists around the country.


More details to follow, including ways to feed into the programme and how to sign up, but for now: SAVE THE DATE!


When: Saturday 24th of September (full day event). Starting at 10am.

Where: Mechanics Institute, Manchester. 

What: Stopping fracking.

Jamie Peters – Anti-fracking campaigner

Rapid Response Training Day



This session is exclusively aimed at giving anti-fracking groups and their supporters some crucial campaigning and action skills that are likely to be extremely useful in the coming weeks and months. With a decision on Cuadrilla’s two major appraisal sites due to be made in the very near future, we have a small window of opportunity for gaining new skills, planning and prepping for what may be the biggest fracking fight the UK has faced to date.

Please feel free to circulate this invitation to people that you are organising with and are on your group mailing lists. RSVPs essential to reserve places:

Premier film screening of “RIVER”

Please find attached an event bright link for the Northern Premier of a new film about fracking in Wales.
The film tells the story of the beautiful river Afan that once ran black and lifeless due to heavy contamination from coal mining.
After years of restoration the River has now recovered and is now the home to Otters and Salmon.

The local communities around the Afan Forest and Pontrhydyfen now find themselves facing a new and bigger challenge, Fracking.

As the oil and gas Juggernaught rolls into South Wales communities have risen to the challenge to defend their environment and their childrens futures.
A River, is the story of those communities.

You can book tickets on the event bright link below


National Gatheringssay no1Lancashire will be holding their gATHERING Commencing on blackpool Sea front  at the Comedy Carpet at 10.00am  Then at Lowther Gardens  Lytham St Annes at 2.00pm

All will be welcome 

See details for a gathering near yousay no



Is Westminster proposing to force Fracking on Lancashire


Come to a public meeting to find out more about fracking, the risks, and how to stop it being forced on communities in Lancashire.

Lancashire has rejected fracking already – and now we need to stop Westminster’s interference in our local democracy.


Asad Rehman, Friends of the Earth.
Steven Holgate, County Councillor in Lancashire.
Residents of Preston New Road and Roseacre, the two areas threatened with fracking.


More info:


dance new

                Friday January 29th. at                          The Woodlands Suite                   Ribby Hall Village.

Join us for a fantastic night of, music, entertainment dancing and a fabulous 3 course dinner. Canapes on arrival at 7.00pm. Some great prizes to be won. TICKETS £40.00 For tickets and further information or if you would like to host a table please contact:

Gillian Cookson 07759 278442.