Government accused of ‘dirty tricks’ over controversial fracking report


Thought you might want to see this unsettling, but not surprising, story from the Guardian this morning which shows how the government made sure
the unredacted DEFRA report was not released prior to LCC’s  determinations in June 2015. This was actually done within the timescales set down by the Information Commissioner but by rights, as
LCC had requested a copy, surely our Councillors should have had sight of it before making their decision? Fortunately they rejected both applications any way!

What is does show is what goes on behind the scenes in Westminster. Very revealing.
Our Comms team are looking at how to maximise this to our advantage. Greenpeace have sent the story  to all our local press so we will see if the LEP and Gazette pick up on it. However please feel free to write to
your Councillor or MP if you feel appropriate.


Read Full Report Defra email trail


A Link to a report on BBC  (Go to 4 mins in)