Key points from today’s hearing

  • Number plate recognition cameras to monitor whether Cuadrilla lorries use the correct route to the site
  • On 55 weeks, there would be more than 25 daily lorry movements to the site
  • Cuadrilla traffic consultant says HGV can navigate the Hand and Dagger junction safely
  • Signals on Dagger Road will prevent two HGVs meeting in the opposite directions, says Cuadrilla’s experts
  • Side roads entering traffic control zone creates “risky situation”, says county council
  • RAG says Cuadrilla under-estimated vulnerable road users
  • Cuadrilla did not survey vulnerable road users in most villagers on the lorry route
  • If the traffic system fails, the “chance of an injury accident is relatively low”, says Cuadrilla
  • Great weight should be given to the “excellent accident record” of the local roads, Cuadrilla’s traffic expert says
  • Highways England says A585 junction on the lorry route would need “inch perfect” manoeuvre by HGV drivers
  • Cuadrilla traffic witness admits he doesn’t know which classes of lorries will service the proposed site
  • Cuadrilla proposes to make delivery drivers cycle the lorry route
  • Impact of two new routes on local amenity is a material consideration, says Cuadrilla
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