Lancashire CC Planning Hearings

Lancashire County Council have once again changed the dates of the hearings for Preston New Road & Roseacre Wood.
  Template letter for your objections to (LCC/2014/101)….
  Template Letter for your objections to (LCC/2014/102)….
 Use the templates by all means, but please try and add your own words in order to make it more specific.
You do not need to live in Lancashire to object.
Please note that following a review of the shale gas planning applications and feedback from likely objectors and speakers, it is now proposed that the shale gas planning applications will be heard in the order in which they were received, meaning that the Committee will first hear the Preston New Road applications (LCC/2014/0096 & 0097), followed by Roseacre Wood (LCC/2014/101 & 102).
The Preston New Road applications will be heard on Weds 28 January 2015 and the Roseacre Wood applications the following day.
The running order of the 30 minute presentations will also change.  The Preston New Road presentations will be heard on Friday 23 January 2015 and Roseacre Wood presentations on Monday 26 January 2015.
The revised schedule is as follows:
Friday 23 January 2015       2:00pm –  30 Minute Presentations (Preston New Road)
Monday 26 January 2015    1:00 pm – 30 Minute Presentations (Roseacre Wood)
Committee meeting
 Wed 28 January 2015         10:00am – Committee meeting re: Planning applications LCC/2014/0096 & 0097  (Preston New Road)
Thurs 29 January 2015        10:00 am – Continuation of Preston
New Rd (if required) followed by :
Planning applications  LCC/2014/101 & 102 (Roseacre Wood)
Friday 30 January 2015       10:00am – Continuation of Roseacre Wood (if required)