Judge grants injunction for Cuadrilla’s fracking site – but rejects protest area proposal

A High Court judge has granted an injunction outlawing public access to Cuadrilla’s shale gas site at Preston New Road, near Blackpool.

But his honour Philip Raynor QC refused the company’s application to exclude from the injunction a protest area on land about 175m from the site entrance.

He said the area, measuring 25m by 25m, was too small to be reasonable and could be a source of “increased anger” if protest was limited to it.



Interview with Tina Rothery after Court decision






Lancashire Police corrects statement on “breach of fence” at Cuadrilla’s shale gas site

Lancashire Police issued a correction today to its earlier statement that 150 people had attempted to break into Cuadrilla’s shale gas site at Preston New Road after an anti-fracking national day of action on Saturday (25 February 2017)

The statement, posted on the Fylde Police Facebook page, had said

“A significant number of protesters believed to number around 250 made their way to the Cuadrilla site on Preston New Road

“Around 150 of those proceeded to try to breach the fencing and to gain access to the site.”

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Fracking company seeks relaxation of planning conditions for restoration at Becconsall

Cuadrilla is seeking to raise the height of the rig and the volume of noise it can make at a Lancashire shale gas site next to an internationally-important bird reserve.

The company has asked Lancashire County Council to change restrictions on well abandonment and restoration work at Becconsall next to the Ribble Estuary.

Under planning conditions set in 2014, Cuadrilla must limit noise levels to 42 decibels (dB) (decision notice). The company had also said it would use a rig no higher than 22m.





Day 26 in the Cuadrilla House by Miranda Cox

Where to begin? It has been another day of tactics, solidarity, friendship, determination and a few tears.

Today has seen successful action at A E Yates in Bolton and the unlawful arrest of a photographer. There’s been a nasty crash on Preston New Road, right outside the Frack site, resulting in injuries, and protectors have been kettled by Police to facilitate delivery of a few plastic pipes. The yellow ribbons in the hedge are spreading like blooms amid thorns and support is still strong.

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Photographer arrested by GMP for crossing the road

A photographer who set out to capture the scenes of a Bolton protest has been arrested by Police. 

The keen Photographer Peter Yankowski was arrested just moments after he had arrived at the scene of an Anti-Fracking protest on Cranfield Road, Lostock Industrial Estate, Lostock where protesters were demonstrating against A E Yates Ltd.