Cuadrilla Resources Ltd. Breaches and Controversies.

A document by the Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations on Cuadrilla – a good overview it seems, with their breaches and controversies described (commissioned by FoE Netherlands):

Cuadrilla Resources Ltd.

Quick Scan

Cuadrilla Resources Ltd.

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Given the sensitivities and difficulties associated with shale gas exploration and exploitation in a densely-populated country like the Netherlands, a complex, heated, and important debate about the countrys energy future lies ahead for Dutch politicians, corporate actors, civil society organisation and other stakeholders. Should the Dutch government eventually decide to proceed with exploratory fracking, it will require a responsible and diligent corporate partner to do so. UK-based Cuadrilla Resources Ltd. is one of the companies that has been granted a preliminary licence for shale gas exploration in the Netherlands. The present Quick Scan assesses and analyses several aspects of Cuadrilla Resources operations, policies and the companys track record and involvement in controversies related to CSR issues and normative standards found in the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

The limited number and scope of publicly-available CSR policies and procedures, the lack of risk-based due diligence procedures as is required by the OECD Guidelines, combined with Cuadrillas association with a wide range of controversies call into question whether Cuadrilla represents the responsible, diligent partner the Dutch government will need should it decide to go ahead with fracking.


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Public Herald 30-Month Report Finds DEP Fracking Complaint Investigations Are “Cooked” & Shredded

Nearly 40 days after losing her drinking water, Christine Pepper received a certified determination letter from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) at her home in Leroy Twp., Bradford County. The letter would tell her whether fracking was to blame.

Halfway down the first page it read “analytical results do not reveal any impacts from oil and gas activity” meaning the DEP investigation for Complaint #302587 determined the drilling and fracking next to her home did not impact her water supply. According to the state, the drinking water that nurtured her family’s farm for over 50 years was still safe.

“The Department considers this case closed and does not anticipate any further action in relation to this matter.”


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Update on Lancashire fracking appeals and judicial review

RAG, which opposed both applications, has argued that “there is no credible need” for the monitors because the fracking application had been refused. In seeking a judicial review, it said:

“Win or lose, the hearing demonstrates the importance of the principle that littering the Fylde with unnecessary industrial paraphernalia cannot be allowed”.

“It is certain that this High Court hearing will not be the end of an opposition which will never go away”.


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Fracking Apart the United Kingdom

The UK government, under Labour, Conservative and Coalition control, has over the past forty years relentlessly pursued a fiscal policy of maximising short-term revenue take from the oil and gas reserves lying in the UK continental shelf (UKCS). Little or no thought was devoted to scheduling the timing of the exploitation of these mineral resources or to the need to invest the taxes gathered in.

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