Unanimous vote against fracking in Lancashire


TOWN Hall chiefs have voted unanimously to oppose fracking in a Lancashire village.


Preston Council was asked for its views on fracking bids by Cuadrilla at Roseacre Wood, ahead of a crunch meeting where Lancashire County Council will make a decision on two applications.

Officers had recommended that the planning committee object to the plans, on the grounds of the impact of traffic on Broughton and Woodplumpton, and councillors voted to follow their advice.

Julie Buttle, clerk to Woodplumpton Parish Council, addressed Thursday’s meeting and thanked officers for the recommendation.

She said: “It makes a change to address committee to thank officers for supporting the parish council in objecting to this application, which would see a severe increase in HGV movements, which would have a material impact on existing road users including vulnerable cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders.

“We hope your recommendation carries significant weight when considered by Lancashire County Council’s planning committee later this month.”

A report, recommending that the plans be objected to, said: “While the development proposals mainly affect an area well away from the city boundary the consequences of routeing HGV construction traffic from the A6 via Broughton and the B5269 would have unacceptable adverse traffic and air pollution impacts.”

A Cuadrilla spokesman said: “The existing route is Cuadrilla’s preferred option – the Broughton leg which was discussed is the alternative route, not the preferred route. It’s also worth noting that the 25 HGVs per day referred to in the planning documents is a maximum and not an average.”



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New Dates for Planning Applications Announced

Lancashire County Council News Release
For Immediate Release
13 May 2015
New Dates Set For Shale Gas Decisions
Lancashire County Council has scheduled new dates in June for its Development Control Committee to make decisions on planning applications for shale gas development at two sites in the county.
The committee is due to determine applications from Cuadrilla to drill, frack, and test gas flows, with associated separate applications for environmental monitoring, at two sites in Lancashire – Preston New Road at Little Plumpton, and Roseacre Wood at Roseacre.
The applications relating to the Preston New Road site are scheduled to be decided at meetings to take place on Tuesday 23 June and Wednesday 24 June.
The applications relating to the Roseacre Wood site are scheduled to be decided at meetings to take place on Thursday 25 June and Friday 26 June.
The Development Control Committee previously met in January to consider the applications and resolved to defer their decisions following a request by Cuadrilla to consider additional information about the applications.
The council has subsequently consulted upon the new information provided by Cuadrilla and planning officers are now reviewing the feedback from the consultation period, and the details supplied by Cuadrilla, in order to prepare reports and offer recommendations to the committee.
Reports to be considered by the committee will be published at www.lancashire.gov.uk on Tuesday 16 June.


United Utilities say it’s ‘Unfortunate’ that their Preston New Road works are so close to Cuadrilla’s proposed fracking site atPreston New Road. So close that parts of the United Utilities work site and Cuadrilla’s proposed fracking site actually overlap.




Works compound near Cuadrilla’s proposed Preston New Road Fracking Site.


The view from Preston New Road of pipeline works towards Little Plumpton. Cuadrilla’s proposed site entrance is along the hedge line opposite the clump of trees on the right.






Pipeline work alongside Preston New Road running to the Westby reservoir. Cuadrilla’s proposed site entrance is along the hedge line opposite the white car.

And United Utilities, coincidentally, are working adjacent to the Roseacre Wood site!!!!!