Petition to stop law change

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Unbelievable. It looks like David Cameron is planning to sneakily change the law to let fracking companies drill under our homes for gas, without our permission.

Cameron might think he can get away with this because no one’s paying attention. But already 160,000 of us have signed the fast-growing petition to stop fracking.

If we can quickly get to 200,000 signatures, it will show David Cameron there will be a HUGE backlash if he pushes forward with these plans.

Can you forward this email to your friends and ask them to sign the petition by clicking below?

Until yesterday, this change in the law was just a rumour. But now the Financial Times has run a front page story reporting that “the coalition will… change trespass laws, allowing companies to drill without permission…”

The report says that David Cameron could include these outrageous plans to strip away our rights in the Queen’s Speech in just a few weeks time. The movement to stop fracking is working, maybe that’s why Cameron is going to these lengths! Let’s keep it up and get more people to join – forward this email and ask people to sign:

Right now, the UK faces a choice – do we pour millions into planet-wrecking fracking, or do we develop clean renewable energy?

In Balcombe, a town that led the fight against fracking last year, local people are now planning to generate their own renewable energy, aiming to meet the village’s electricity needs. The future could be bright, if we all join in. Ask your friends to add their names by clicking below: