PUBLIC INQUIRY DAY 7 – More Public Statements

Key points from public statements

  • The A585/Thistleton Road junction – to be used by the Red and Green Routes – is already congested
  • The Inskip defence site – to be used by the Red and Blue Routes – has a height restriction which could block Cuadrilla lorries
  • Horse riders, who regularly use the proposed lorry routes in the absence of local bridleways, predict hazards and accidents
  • Roads around Roseacre Wood would be “challenging” in an emergency evacuation
  • Cuadrilla has made “an inappropriate assumption” that it will be able to dispose of surface water onsite
  • Local roads are inherently unsafe because they are narrow, winding, with high hedges, narrow verges, heavily used for leisure and in poor condition
  • Some proposed passing places are on private property or could block access to homes
  • The proposed use of verges would remove refuses for pedestrians and horse riders
  • There is uncertainty about the volume of flowback fluid and so uncertainty about the number of lorries
  • The proposed lorry routes appear to be “a theoretical exercise” that will inconvenience more people
  • Local roads see unpredictable weather conditions
  • Cuadrilla accused to unrepresentative survey of pedestrians and horse riders and of “a reckless disregard for public safety”
  • The large number of passing places “proves the routes are unacceptable”
  • The use of the proposed routes by Cuadrilla HGVs will affect nearby towns and villages
  • Representatives of three local councils reject all three routes
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