PUBLIC INQUIRY Day 9 Closing Statements

Key points from Day 9

  • Cuadrilla propose that the Blue Route may be suspended during harvest due to agricultural vehicles on Dagger Road
  • Parties agree that there is insufficient forward visibility at five passing places, three on the Green route and two on the Blue route
  • Cuadrilla have offered £100,000 for road maintenance and repair, and have mentioned a further fund to compensate landowners for any damage to hedges caused by road works
  • Roseacre Awareness Group (RAG) and Lancashire County Council (“the council”)  argue that the appeal should be rejected if any one of the routes is found to be unacceptable.  Cudrilla believe that the development could go ahead with two routes approved and one rejected.
  • The council and RAG agree that all the routes are unsafe and unsuitable
  • RAG claim there will need to be “inch perfect” maneouvres in some places for HGVs to pass each other safely
  • RAG describe the proposal to bring up to 9 convoys of vehicles in to the site overnight during its 6 year life as unacceptable
  • The Council claim that proposals for 39 passing places show the routes are unsuitable
  • The Council criticise proposals submitted in principle, rather than detailed technical information, with changes being made at a very late stage
  • The Council express concern that the Traffic Management Plan may be revised and not adhered to (as at Preston New Road)
  • Cuadrilla argue that the proposals should only be rejected if there was evidence that there was likely to be a large numeric increase in accidents involving personal injury, or in the likely severity of those accidents.
  • Cuadrilla dismisses evidence from RAG’s transport witness as “flawed”
  • Cuadrilla state that if the MoD site at Inskip becomes unavailable for more than 5 consecutive working days (thereby closing the blue and red routes), deliveries to the site will have to cease.
  • Cuadrilla believe there is no evidential basis for finding there is a severe impact on highway safety

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