Who’s Important?


Wednesday, 27 August 2014, 15:00
The Rt Hon Matthew Hancock
We are writing to you as our new Energy Minister. We are the chairs of the Roseacre Awareness and Preston New Road residents Groups (representing two groups of over 200 residents) who will be directly affected by Cuadrilla’s two recent planning applications to drill and hydraulically fracture for shale gas here at Roseacre Wood and Little Plumpton in the heart of rural Fylde, Lancashire. If permission is granted (determination due November) these will be the very first wells to be high volume, intensively ‘fracked’ in the UK since the earthquakes at Preese Hall in 2011, just 6km from here.
We would like to invite you, and your representatives, to come and personally speak to our residents, from the villages of Roseacre, Wharles, Treales, Little Plumpton and Westby, i.e. those people who will be directly affected should these plans go ahead. We have had several meetings with our MP Mark Menzies on this issue, plus numerous discussions with local councillors, but there are still matters to be addressed. In view of the intense media attention (we have already been the subject of several press and media reports), we feel it would be a politically astute, and beneficial, move for you to come and speak to the people first hand about their concerns rather than hearing from government departments, industry experts and the actual operators. So far, we feel we are not being listened to despite months of effort to try and make our voices heard and we implore you to come and see us for yourself.
We appreciate you are a very busy man which is why we are inviting you now so we can set a date possibly to coincide with another NW visit.  We previously invited the Prime Minister but he passed onto Michael Fallon, the then Energy Minister, and we heard nothing more. This was a missed opportunity considering fracking is such a major issue at present and will continue to be so for some time to come. 
If you agree we would also invite our local parish councils and local press. We can assure you we are not a bunch on uneducated ‘nimbys’ but a well educated cross section of society. Peviously most of us were life long conservative voters but unfortunately this is no longer the case.
There are specific issues we would want to discuss including the DEFRA report, socio-economic benefits as well as the potential impacts on our health and environment. We could agree these, and Agenda, before hand.
Please, please consider this invitation seriously. You would be most welcome here and we are sure you would appreciate seeing first hand that this is not the desolate North!
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards
Barbara Richardson 
Chair of Roseacre Awareness Group                                     
Pat Davies
Chair of Preston New Road Residents Group

What Next?

02 September 2014 11:30
Dear Sir/Madam
We have not had an acknowledgement to our email below sent to the Rt Hon Matthew Hancock, on 27th August regarding fracking in Lancashire.  This is not just a generic letter regarding the issue but a serious invite from the two communities who may well be the first to experience full blown fracking in the UK since the earthquakes of 2011.
I am sure you would want to hear our views and this is a sincere invitation to come and meet us face to face so you can hear for yourself the views of local residents and, hopefully, reassure us the Conservative Party have our best interests at heart.
I have also invited our MP Mark Menzies to join us if we can agree a suitable date. If this is the wrong email address I apologise and I hope Mark will forward  to you or speak to you directly. 
Kind regards
Barbara Richardson
Chair of Roseacre Awareness Group

What Next?

Sent: Friday, 19 September 2014, 15:02
Subject: RE: Fracking – Invitation to Roseacre Wood proposed fracking site
Dear Ms Richardson,
Apologies in the delay in responding to this email. 
The Minister is grateful for your kind invitation to visit Roseacre and other local villages.  Unfortunately, due to diary pressure, he is unable to meet with you at this time.  We will be in touch if a visit to the North West is planned in the near future, to discuss whether it would be possible to arrange a meeting.
Kind regards,
Rosie Birchall
Private Secretary to Matt Hancock MP
And Next!!
Wednesday, 12 November 2014, 13:51
Dear Rosie
I have just found out that the Minister has indeed visited the NW today, with much publicity, yet extremely disappointed that he did not find time to come and speak to those residents who are likely to be directly affected by plans to frack in Lancashire. I find this discourteous and alarming.
The Minister can find time to visit local colleges so why not take time out to me with us as we kindly offered in September. Is he afraid of what we will have to say?
Can you please pass this on to the Minister and let him know our invitation is still open to him, and that next time he is in the NW, we hope he will find time to come visit us.
Barbara Richardson
Chair of Roseacre Awareness Group