Fracking Apart the United Kingdom

The UK government, under Labour, Conservative and Coalition control, has over the past forty years relentlessly pursued a fiscal policy of maximising short-term revenue take from the oil and gas reserves lying in the UK continental shelf (UKCS). Little or no thought was devoted to scheduling the timing of the exploitation of these mineral resources or to the need to invest the taxes gathered in.

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Shale gas fracking should go ahead in UK, says taskforce

Fracking for shale gas in the UK should be pursued as an alternative to the use of coal, a taskforce on the controversial technology has concluded, in order to provide a bridge to a low-carbon future.

Well what would an Industry funded “Task Force” say?! Comments about Lord Smith being “saddened” by government reducing support for renewable energy would be laughable if it was funny?!

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Government could decide Cuadrilla’s fracking appeals under new rules

The government gave more detail this afternoon on how it would fast-track fracking through the planning system.
In a statement the Local Government Secretary, Greg Clark, said he was changing the rules to allow him to take over decisions on shale gas appeals.
He also set out how the government would identify what he described as councils which “underperformed” on determining oil and gas applications.

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