Ryedale MP U-TURN

MANY of us in North Yorkshire have strong feelings about fracking, which is unsurprising as we would be living with the consequences for decades to come. In the past our Conservative MP, Kevin Hollinrake, actively supported fracking; something that dismayed many of his constituents who care about the environment and the legacy we leave for future generations.

So, I was delighted when Mr Hollinrake revealed his fracking U-turn, at a recent public meeting hosted by Ryedale Environmental Group, stating that he thought that “the time for fracking has passed”. I wholeheartedly agree with the view expressed by Mr Hollinrake at that meeting: that renewables are now a more economically and environmentally viable alternatives to fossil fuels.

Can we now look forward to hearing our MP express his support for a formal ban on fracking in Parliament? We hope so. However, I remember his dismissal of Marcus Rashford’s appeal for the Government to provide free school meals in the holidays only to then welcome the idea when the Government U-turned and provided money to local authorities.

I urge Mr Hollinrake to honour his words and hope that he will campaign and then vote to ban fracking once and for all.

Angela Cole, Westow.



Kristina Marusic discusses the health effects of fracking on “In This Climate”

“People in communities with fracking are fearful about the exposures they’re facing from the industry.”

EHN’s Pittsburgh reporter Kristina Marusic recently appeared on the podcast In This Climate to discuss the impacts of fracking in southwestern Pennsylvania and beyond .  She shared the story of a community in Braddock, Pennsylvania, that’s been fighting to stop a fracking well from being drilled on the property of a U.S. Steel mill. 




Cornwall HORROR: Almost 50 earthquakes reported in the region


CORNWALL has been struck by close to 50 earthquakes caused by geothermal operations in the region.

The area has recorded 43 earthquakes in the last 50 days according to the British Geological Survey. Recorded from November 9, some of the shakes have caused residents to be terrified over the tremors as seen by comments from the Lanner Life Facebook group. Several people said they felt the “earth tremor” and it “scared the life out of them”, Cornwall Live reports.

Such was the size of one of the shudders felt in some Cornish villages that an investigation was launched into the work of a geothermal energy plant.

The United Down Geothermal energy plant drills into the ground to extract heat for local homes and businesses. Due to this, it has caused minor quakes on the seismographs in the region.  Although over 40 earthquakes have been reported in the area, many are regarded as minor with the largest registering a magnitude of 1.7 on December 8.

This was the earthquake caused by the geothermal power station and caused shockwaves to be felt in the Frogpool, Lanner, Carharrack, Penhalvean and St Day. The latest earthquake was registered on December 18 with five different seismic incidents recorded between 11.20am and 1.05pm.

Concerns have also been levelled at the earthquakes caused by fracking operations. Due to the tremors caused by the drilling, anti-fracking campaigns have sparked across the country to stop the drilling.

Earlier this month, the UK’s only franking firm Cuadrilla relinquished its permission to test drill in Lancashire. Barbara Richardson, of campaign group Frack Free Lancashire, said: “We think this is very significant and also very welcome. “We just want to know when they will restore the site back to its original state. “We really think they are finished here.”





RAG AGM 27th January 2021


RAG AGM   27th January 2021


Happy New Year!                                                                                                                  RAG AGM   27th January 2021                                                                                  Elswick Generating Station                                                                                        Preston New Road                                                                                                              Thank you

A very Happy New Year to all our RAG supporters. We hope you and your families enjoyed all the festivities and have remained safe and well. 

This year, due to Covid, we will be having our AGM via Zoom, on the evening of 27th January.

Agenda items so far:
    Election of Committee
    Election of Officers
    The future of RAG
    Elswick Generating Station

If you would like to register to take part by Zoom (instruction available if required), or have any items you wish to raise on the Agenda, please reply to this email. 

Committee Members needed
If you would like to join the RAG Committee please put your name forward by replying to this email.  If necessary, election to the Committee will take place at the AGM. 
We will be looking for two new Officers, to be elected from the Committee

After many years of acting as our Chair, Barbara Richardson is stepping down from the post, although not the Committee, this year after putting enormous amounts of time and energy into RAG from the beginning.   We are very grateful for her commitment and quite understand her desire now to relax and enjoy her new garden.

Rosemary Conlon has moved to Yorkshire and therefore resigned from the Committee.   She also has been involved from the start, serving most recently as Treasurer, and deserves our grateful thanks for all her work and best wishes for her new home. 

Elswick Generating Station
2020 was a very quiet year with the continuing national moratorium on fracking.   The only significant matter for RAG was Cuadrilla’s application for an extension to their planning permission at the Elswick Generating Station on Roseacre Road which was, unfortunately, approved by LCC despite opposition from local Parish Councils and residents, concerned about the access of HGV’s to the site.   No work has yet taken place. 

Preston New Road
There has been no further work at Preston New Road.  Cuadrilla has surrendered its permit to drill and frack, saying it will apply for the relevant permissions at this or other sites as and when the moratorium is lifted.
The company is maintaining a small team for ‘limited analysis of prospective areas of its licenses’, presumably still trying to prove fracking can be done safely.

Thank you
We would like to thank you all for your ongoing support. Remember to keep checking our websitehttp://www.ragfrack.co.uk and Facebook pages https://www.facebook.com/roseacreawarenessgroup for any news items. 

on behalf of the RAG Committee

Stay safe.