Sorry but everything in the following, to my mind does not quite ring true. I was present at gatherings at Rydale and we were welcomed by the residents. I worked tirelesly against Fracking for several years and we are now living in hope that the Government has finally seen the light.

Lorraine Allanson a successful farmer and holiday home owner has now written a book about “one woman’s battle against the environmental army” 

“In 2014, I stuck my head above the parapet and stood up for a controversial energy project”.

and yet she claims to be a conservationist??                                      Obviously had not done any research regarding the dangers of Fracking

“I’m a passionate conservationist and want to look after our lovely part of the world, but there was something not quite right about these intruders,” she recalls. A few locals curious about the impact of extracting shale gas in their backyard were suddenly whipped up by professional activists into an aggressive machine that ran roughshod over the more moderate views of many others.

“The scandal is that if anyone dares to challenge the protesters, their rhetoric or motives, they are targeted and suffer harassment and abuse. Everyone seems to turn their back on the locals, too afraid to help as they are too scared of the protesters.”