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Cornwall HORROR: Almost 50 earthquakes reported in the region


CORNWALL has been struck by close to 50 earthquakes caused by geothermal operations in the region.

The area has recorded 43 earthquakes in the last 50 days according to the British Geological Survey. Recorded from November 9, some of the shakes have caused residents to be terrified over the tremors as seen by comments from the Lanner Life Facebook group. Several people said they felt the “earth tremor” and it “scared the life out of them”, Cornwall Live reports.

Such was the size of one of the shudders felt in some Cornish villages that an investigation was launched into the work of a geothermal energy plant.

The United Down Geothermal energy plant drills into the ground to extract heat for local homes and businesses. Due to this, it has caused minor quakes on the seismographs in the region.  Although over 40 earthquakes have been reported in the area, many are regarded as minor with the largest registering a magnitude of 1.7 on December 8.

This was the earthquake caused by the geothermal power station and caused shockwaves to be felt in the Frogpool, Lanner, Carharrack, Penhalvean and St Day. The latest earthquake was registered on December 18 with five different seismic incidents recorded between 11.20am and 1.05pm.

Concerns have also been levelled at the earthquakes caused by fracking operations. Due to the tremors caused by the drilling, anti-fracking campaigns have sparked across the country to stop the drilling.

Earlier this month, the UK’s only franking firm Cuadrilla relinquished its permission to test drill in Lancashire. Barbara Richardson, of campaign group Frack Free Lancashire, said: “We think this is very significant and also very welcome. “We just want to know when they will restore the site back to its original state. “We really think they are finished here.”





2020 review of the year.

2020 was a frack free year in the UK because the shale gas industry failed to persuade ministers to lift blocks on the process.

Other key projects planned for 2020 were cancelled or delayed by the Covid-19 outbreak and low oil prices.

In this review of the year, we’ve picked out key events and developments. The red links in the text will take you to the original DrillOrDrop news articles. Please let us know what we have missed.




What to watch 2021




Lancashire fracking company reports £38m loss

The company which drilled and fracked two gas wells in Lancashire has reported a huge £38.6m loss in its annual financial results.

The losses made by Cuadrilla Resources, which has subsidiaries including Bamber Bridge-based Cuadrilla Bowland Ltd, were attributed in the report to loans to other companies in the AJ Lucas group. They dwarf the losses reported in 2018 of £99,000 as the firm invested heavily in drilling and testing before operations were suspended indefinitely at the end of 2019.

The firm, which was aiming to develop fracking gas fields across the county, said that it and other fracking companies had been working with the Government to address concerns caused by repeated earth tremors generated by fracking operations, but had not yet come up with a solution which would enable the lifting of the moratorium imposed on fracking in the UK.

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Fears fracking just a mile away from Merseyside will go ahead despite government halt

Residents in one part of Merseyside are concerned fracking plans just one mile away may still go ahead despite a government halt on the controversial process.

People living in Formby are worried about plans to frack for shale gas at Great Altcar – submitted by energy company Aurora – just a mile from the area and a few miles from Ainsdale, Hightown and Lydiate will cause ‘damage to their health’ and ‘cost jobs’.

In November 2019 the government stopped fracking across England saying it would only allow its resumption if communities and scientists were in favour of it.

But the plans to to drill exploratory wells at Great Altcar in West Lancashire   – just 900 metres from the historic Formby Oilfield is not included in the suspension as it didn’t affect fracking processes that were already in.

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RAG AGM Jan 2020


Happy New Year to all our Supporters.

Below is the agenda for our AGM on 29th January.   To give us some idea of numbers it would be helpful if you could please indicate that you are interested in attending by replying ‘Yes’ to this email.  We look forward to seeing you there.






            1.     Welcome
            2.     Introduction & Apologies    
            3.     Chair’s Address
            4.     Treasurer’s Financial Report
            5.     Election of Officers & Confirmation of Constitution
            6.     Decision re Future of RAG
             7.     Any Other Business
            8.     Open Forum
            9.     Date of next AGM
          10.     Date of next RAG Meeting



RAG Newsletter December 2019


In this Newsletter  

               Preston New Road                               
               2016 Government Report
               Cuadrilla Downsizing                               
               Protest Policing  – and the Cost                             
               The Future