Anti-fracking skill share

**Save the date! Anti-fracking skill share,                                                         Saturday 24th September, Manchester**


There have been some defining moments in the UK anti-fracking movement this year and some more big fights against fracking are on the horizon. What better time to have an event to provide space for groups to meet, share skills and collaborate with each other.


Strong local communities have kept the UK free of fracking for five years and we want to make sure it stays that way. As more and more communities start to mobilise around the country, we want everyone to benefit from what we as a movement have learned so far. So we’ll be putting together specialist support on a range of skills from responding to planning applications to media engagement skills, building knowledge and sharing success stories, alongside other useful training sessions, to skill up fracktivists around the country.


More details to follow, including ways to feed into the programme and how to sign up, but for now: SAVE THE DATE!


When: Saturday 24th of September (full day event). Starting at 10am.

Where: Mechanics Institute, Manchester. 

What: Stopping fracking.

Jamie Peters – Anti-fracking campaigner