IMPORTANT – the date is NOT CONFIRMED as it will be the FIRST SATURDAY after the decision about fracking in Lancashire is announced. Whatever day that comes (on or before 6 Oct) – it will be on the very next Saturday. It could even be as soon as 1st Oct!

If they say YES to fracking Lancashire:
The residents and groups in Lancashire have met and asked that as many as who can – come to Preston New Road – Maple Farm forecourt (next to World of Water Blackpool. and one field from the proposed fracking site at PNR). Please come. If you can’t get here to show non-violent solidarity, then please if you can, with members of your group, your family or even just yourself – please post a photo or message of solidarity with the residents of Lancashire as they stand to defend our communities. If you could include: #DontFrackLancs #WeSaidNo – it will help us gather this all together for press releases and sense of support, many thanks ♥

What we will do on the day, at the event… will be absolutely non-violent but direct action in the sense that we will gather, not on the road but perhaps moving along the verges and if needed, crossing the road will be aided by Nana-Lollypop Ladies 😉 Our presence passes the landowner as well as the proposed site, it will ensure the local community knows they are not alone and that we WILL support them.

If they say NO to fracking in Lancashire:

We will likely still gather but essentially – do whatever brings you the greatest joy! 🙂