Cash For Fracking: UK Households May Receive Pay-outs For Allowing Fracking.

The UK lifted its long-running ban on fracking last month, now UK households could soon receive cash pay-outs for allowing fracking in their neighbourhoods, as  drilling companies could soon go door to door in Britain, offering money in exchange for fracking support Media reported on Monday.

The UK may have lifted its long-running ban on fracking last month, but its fracking industry still has one big hurdle that it must overcome: local opposition.

Fracking has been criticized for its reported ties to earthquakes and other environmental damage, and has fallen out of favour. The practice’s sullied reputation has led to its ban in several countries, including France, Germany, Spain, and until recently, the UK.

When the UK’s new Prime Minister Liz Truss removed the fracking ban last month, she did so with one caveat: it would only be allowed in communities that showed at least 50% support. Drillers must now gain half the residents over to the controversial practice in order to commence drilling.


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