New questions as oil company rules out acid injection in Weald wells

Did UKOG use matrix acidising?

The UKOG statement implies that matrix acidisation may have been used at Broadford Bridge. A coiled tubing unit was used at the site, which could indicate that the process was carried out. But a company review of the Broadford Bridge operation said “acidisation was not selectively administered to any specific limestone horizon”.   Drill or Drop asked UKOG twice to clarify whether or not it carried out matrix acidising at Broadford Bridge. UKOG did not reply.

Did UKOG have permission to use matrix acidising?

UKOG said in its statement that the process that it referred to as matrix acidisation “was fully permitted and approved by the Environment Agency”.  We asked the Environment Agency (EA), which is responsible for regulating the use of acid, whether UKOG had permission for matrix acidisation. It said:

“No such groundwater activity was applied for and was therefore not included within the environmental permit for the site.