Just some of the opponents to Fracking, Councils, Advisors, MPs and Scientists, and more.


Opposition to Wirral fracking grows
We need assurances that fracking will not be imposed on communities in Lancashire
Removal of fracking ban prompts concern in the Cotswolds
Conservative-led East Yorkshire Council votes to ban fracking
Fife Council opposes fracking as UK Government lifts ban.
Barnsley council will not pursue licences for fracking operations on its own land
Council reaffirms position against fracking across the Bath area
Council leader pledges to protect communities against fracking in North Lincolnshire
Government faces backlash from its own MPs after lifting fracking ban
Lancs MP doubles down on anti-fracking stance saying county’s land is ‘not suitable’
Salisbury Mayor, Cllr Tom Corbin, said: “Fracking is for the fools”.
Councillors in Woodsetts say there is ‘no local support for fracking’ in the area’
Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely has said “The Isle of Wight is not a suitable area for fracking to take place and I would not support it.
Councillor Helen Hayden of Leeds City Council’s said: “we as an authority are opposed to fracking being imposed on local communities”.
Labour Party will Ban Fracking Again if Handed Power, 
Mark Drakeford’ firmly confirmed that there are no plans for fracking in Wales, 
Scientists and experts have been saying for years that the UK is not a suitable or effective site for fracking, as there are studies and reports to show the unpredictability of seismic activity across the country.
Michael Matheson, Cabinet Secretary  said: “To be clear – this policy change does apply in Scotland. “Fracking can only happen here if licences are issued by the Scottish Government and we do not intend to issue any licences.”
Liz Truss’s new adviser Chris Skidmore  on net zero emissions has warned investors to avoid fracking in the UK — saying the nascent industry would end up a “non-starter” — as he insisted the new prime minister would be resolute in her pursuit of Britain’s climate goals.
Keele University experts brand government fracking plans as ‘step backwards’
Kwasi Kwarteng himself has said we wouldn’t see any energy from fracking for at least a decade. And any shale gas that results will be sold by the producers on the international energy market to the highest bidder. 
The Climate Change Committee and the National Infrastructure Commission warned in a letter to the prime minister. “Our gas reserves – offshore or from shale – are too small to impact meaningfully the prices faced by UK consumers.”
Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer referred in Parliament to some “myth-busting” tweets from Greg Hands in February when Mr Hands was energy minister. The tweet said it was a myth that extracting more North Sea gas lowers prices on the grounds that “UK production isn’t large enough to materially impact the global price of gas”.
Forest of Dean District Council climate emergency cabinet member Chris McFarling (G, St Briavels) said he would put forward a motion to renew the local authority’s stance that fracking is not welcome in the Forest. “It goes against our principle priorities of trying to address climate change and save biodiversity”, he said.
 RSPB England, on behalf of the UK-wide charity, stressed that the scheme means wildlife is facing “one of the greatest threats it’s faced in decades”. The charity fears this government could bring about the end of “laws that protect our birds and animals, everywhere from forests to our coasts”. “Where you live, the wildlife and places you love, from the shires to the cities – all under threat from bulldozers, from concrete,” RSPB England warned.
Mark Glover a trustee at Gedling University said “Allowing fracking to go ahead would  threaten this country’s ability to meet its greenhouse gas emission reduction targets.  Fossil fuels (including gas from fracking) have to stay in the ground to prevent an increase in the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere”. 
British Geological Survey review into its safety was commissioned by the government but has refused so far to publish it. 
“Keep your fracking hands off Warwickshire”: Leamington and Warwick MP launches petition to prevent gas or oil extraction in our county.
Labour MP Matt Western has posted details about the campaign on his website demanding that the Government reverses its decision to allow fracking and calling on regional councils to pledge they will not allow fracking or underground coal gasification (UCG) in Warwickshire.
A  report from the London School of Economics said it’s a “false assumption” that shale gas produced at home would be priced significantly below international market prices.
Professor Andrew Aplin at Durham University’s earth sciences department said “Shale gas will only make a significant impact to UK supply if, over the next decade, thousands of successful wells were to be drilled at hundreds of sites across northern England,”