Shropshire MP secures Commons debate on fracking

Shropshire MP secures Commons debate on fracking

North Shropshire MP Helen Morgan has secured a debate in Parliament on opposing fracking without community consent.
Helen Morgan MP

The debate is intended to make the pause on fracking plans in the UK “U-turn proof” by pressuring Conservative MPs to speak out publicly and pledge to oppose any further change by the Government.

Mrs Morgan, the Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Levelling Up, has already promised to campaign to stop any fracking taking place in North Shropshire.

The move follows a significant backlash towards the 326 Conservative MPs who voted against a motion in Parliament which would have led to a ban on fracking, despite many of them having stated their opposition to the practice previously.

Liberal Democrats have warned that without renewed pressure a further U-turn on fracking remains a persistent threat.

Mrs Morgan said: “It’s really important that beautiful countryside in places like North Shropshire is protected from damaging drilling.

“With my debate, Tory MPs now have the opportunity to make amends with the constituents they let down. They need to make clear that they will not support the imposition of fracking on our communities.


“I’m challenging every Conservative MP to pledge in public that they will defend their communities if fracking is imposed on them.

“They know that fracking won’t bring down energy bills and that their constituents don’t want it. They should put their constituents before their party and make the pause on the fracking of our countryside U-turn proof.”